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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used as caps on missing or fractured tooth to protect the life of your teeth. Dental Crowns are needed to:


  1. Protect or restore a tooth from fracturing due to accident or trauma
  2. Replace a tooth which is too large for a filling
  3. Get a cap over Implant placed
  4. Restore the tooth on which RCT was performed
  5. Cover discolored, misshaped or badly formed tooth
  6. Require a bridge in that case crowns are a must


In addition, Dental Crown gives your tooth the strength, shape, size and help to improve the appearance of your tooth. If your dentist has advised, you to get a crown and you are delaying the process then there are chances that you can damage your tooth to the extent that extraction is the last resort.

Moreover, not getting a dental crown can wear down other adjacent teeth causing damage.




Dental Crowns can be made in variety come in various materials such as:


Metal Crowns


If someone is looking for long term and the durable solution then metal crowns are to the rescue. The gold crowns in these are the most used and bonds well with the tooth. These can even withstand hard chewing forces and biting. Being stronger they last longer and do not wear down easily. The only drawback is that they are visible from a distance hence, suitable only for molars.




If you have aesthetic concerns and also wish to have metal crowns inserted then these are the best option available. The inside of the teeth is made up of metal and the outer portion of the crown is made of porcelain, as a result, it has the dual advantage – metal which provides strength and porcelain which matches with the color of the teeth making it look like natural teeth. They look the most like natural teeth.


Ceramic Crown


If you do not want to have metal inserted inside your mouth but want the strength to match metal crowns then ceramic crowns are the best option available. Not only is the strong but blends more naturally with your tooth color making it unnoticed. It does not have any aesthetic concerns and is the best option for the front, back and even for the bridges. The problem of porcelain wearing down and metal being visible is solved by this Dental Crown. They may not be considered as an option for molars because forces applied while biting can wear down your teeth.